Why Us

Because we take having fun very seriously..!

We take huge pride in being the most liked photo booth on Facebook in the south coast, we are part of the New Forest Wedding Group and we are the recommended supplier for the below venues.

*Old Thorns Manor Hotel & Spa
*Grand Harbour Hotel – Southampton
*Marwell Hotel
*East Horton Golf Club
*Concorde Club – Eastleigh

1. A Real Photo Booth?

Since we have been renting out our photo booths for the last 4 years we have seen photo booth’s getting more and more popular. We have also seen photo booth “style” photos that people claim are a photo booth. First and foremost is to know the difference between a real photo booth and photo booth “style” photos. There is a difference. People act so different when they are in a real photo booth and not just standing in the wide open for all to see. Make sure you know what the photo booth looks like? Will it look good in your venue? Can it handle your whole wedding party? Our photo booth is one that you can get in, close the drapes, press a button and let the photo booth take a series of photos automatically. The best part is having prints ready 10 seconds after your session ends.

2. Size

How many people can the photo booth handle at one time? You’ll want to make sure that you and all your Bridesmaids can hop in for photos or the Groom with all his brothers or best men. Our booth has a large enough area to fit up to 6 people comfortably, if you dont mind the squeeze we have had 12 in the booth . Our photo booth is wheelchair friendly allowing a fun time for all. Many times we attend events where someone is in a wheelchair and they get so excited that they can just wheel right in and experience the photo booth without getting out of their wheelchair.

3. Quality, Quality, Quality!

If you decide you want a photo booth for your event you will want to make sure you get a high quality photo booth, high quality photos, and a high quality guest book. Make sure you ask for samples and check out samples on websites. You get what you pay for so take the time to really research for the best photo booth for you. We only use the highest quality printers and equipment. We produce the most amazing professional lab quality prints around. Contact us and we will send you sample prints so you can see the difference.

4. Price

The average national price you should expect to pay for a photo booth rental can range anywhere between £395 to £795 for 3 to 4 hours use. If you find a photo booth for less than this there is a reason why (blurry pictures, red eye, under or over exposed pictures to name a few). Find out. Are there travel fees? Although times are tight, more people are looking to allocate a larger part of their budget to photography of their event and a great experience for their guests. For most events people want to capture the great experience with great photos and what better way to do it than with a photo booth. You can’t put a price on the memories and joy from re-visiting your event again and again through photos.

5. Time

Most events are at least 3 hours. This really depends on the total number of guests you expect to come.

6. Photo Booth Guest Book.

Gone are the days of a guest book filled with a list of names. Having a guest book accompany the photo booth is a wonderful way for your guest to leave their best wishes along side their photo. If you’ve ordered a guest book with us then we will also print an extra copy to go into your guest book. The signing table, pens, scissors, and extra pages for the guestbook are all important and should be included. Our Photo Booth Guest Book is a high quality name brand album with removable pages.

7. Bespoke Personlised Print Templates.

If your event has a theme, colour scheme or even logo/graphics we can use this to make a personlised print template, you spend all that time making sure the flowers match your colour scheme, then why not make sure your photo booth templates match? For some examples of previous templates please click the link below:

Template Gallery

8. What Happens After Your Event?

What happens to your photo booth photos? Our photo booth images are uploaded to an online gallery with no expiration date so you and all your guests can download a free digital copy, we can also upload a gallery to our Facebook page so all your guests can like and tag themselves. We then burn all of the high resolution images from the photo booth to a USB Stick. This is all included with our packages.

9. Do Your Homework!

If your happy with out of focus, red eye and under or over exposed pictures then don’t worry about doing your homework. Just continue calling around to get the cheapest rate. You’ll find plenty of places that are cheap and don’t care about quality. We are not one of them. Just remember the old saying “You get what you pay for!” applies still today. If you still have questions while your doing your homework call us and we will help you out.

10. How Far In Advance Do You Need To Book?

Weekends fill up very quickly with us so plan on booking our photo booth for your event at least 6-9 months in advance, however we do sometimes have late availability.

If you have any questions or would like to book our photo booth for your event please call us at 0800 6190303. We want your event to be incredible.

The CheekyPix Team